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An epic ocean odyssey!
A story of great deeds that led to peace between humans and animals
Book 1 synopsis The Rescue
Rémi, a dolphin disappears. His friends fear pirates kidnapped  
him, and they seek the help of Wizard Rubidjad. On his advice,  
the sea creatures gather information about the strengths and  
weaknesses of their enemy.  Together they devise an ingenious  
plan to free Rémi. Fate intervenes when Captain Malo finds  
himself owing his life to sea creatures and he makes a pact with  
them. The sea creatures carry out their pledge and Captain Malo  
learns much from their wisdom. Rubidjad discovers the Captain  
has a secret past and a time warp could explain many things.
The Rescue - Book I


Book 1 - The Chronicles of Rubidjad Island, The Rescue
Book I is now available with its audiobook.

Each book in the series will be released approximately three months apart when their audiobook is completed