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An epic ocean odyssey!
A story of great deeds that led to peace between humans and animals
The Sea Samurai and crew arrive on Rubidjad Island just when  
baby whale Tolu has disappeared. With the help of a large pod of  
whales, a search team scours the seas hoping to find her. The  
wrath of the whales is spurred by the death of Toothless Bob,  
and the whales declare war on whaling ships. While heading to  
Newfoundland the Benelo miraculously finds two conservationists  
a plane floating at sea with two conservationists onboard  -  
Jacques Castel, the sea explorer, and Steve Dearwin,  a crocodile  
expert. They both join the Sea Samurai  in an attempt to stop  
sealers from taking baby seals from their mothers. At the height  
of Operation Brigitte, all heads  turn to a ship arriving at full  
speed carrying special passengers.
Multi-line Text Art
The Lesson - Book IV


Book 1 - The Chronicles of Rubidjad Island, The Rescue
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