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An epic ocean odyssey!
A story of great deeds that led to peace between humans and animals
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Danielle leaps centuries, weaves fantasy with historical events, and simultaneously juggles two    
parallel worlds, a magical island with intelligent sea creatures, and a real world with gentle heroes.   
The two worlds are bridged with Wizard Rubidjad’s ingenious way to access the Internet.

The Chronicles of Rubidjad Island is a 4-book series of uplifting and inspiring adventures about
intelligent sea creatures, a mermaid, a wizard, pirates, and real conservationists.  While being
entertained children will learn valuable life lessons, and discover that wild animals have the same
basic needs as humans - to live free and in peace.

Sea creatures overcome adversity with courage and perseverance while a pirate Captain undergoes
a life changing experience.  As a new man, the captain sails into the real world with a mission to
protect land and marine animals.  Children will identify with sea creatures who teach an illiterate
pirate Captain and his crew to read.  Parents of all ethnicities will appreciate the following
universal lessons for their children:
The Rescue, The Treasure, The Promise, The Lesson
An Epic Ocean Odyssey

The series is dedicated to Richard O'Barry and other heroes for their missions
to protect dolphins and other wildlife, without forgetting those who care
for  creatures large and small that brighten our days.
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"Life is precious!”
"Knowledge is power!”
"Trust Providence!”
“Be good to animals,they are our friends!”
"Where there is a will, there is a way!”
"Don’t judge a book by its cover!”
"Patience is a virtue!”
"Beauty is all around us!”